Diamond Financing Making Your Dream a Reality

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There’s no doubt that diamond engagement rings can get expensive. Even a simple solitaire design, with a modestly sized center stone, can easily run at least $2,000, and probably more. And more complicated pieces, like halo settings or channel settings, only get more expensive from there.

But consider how often you’ll buy a diamond engagement ring — the idea is that it’s a one time purchase (celebrity “wedding roulette” notwithstanding). If you amortize the cost of ring over the rest of your life, the number starts to look a little more manageable. That’s step one.

Step two is to see what kind of diamond finance options your jeweler offers.

Did you know such a thing even existed? It sometimes can seem like jewelry stores are after nothing but your money if all you focus on is their price tags, but nothing could be further from the truth. Jewelers want to see their customers walk out of the store happy. A necklace or a bracelet is all about feeling good about yourself, and that in itself is a beautiful goal. An engagement ring is even more meaningful: it signifies the beginning of a new life, one path converging from two.

For most jewelers, selling an engagement ring is the highlight of their day.

As such, many stores want to make it as easy as possible for happy, hopeful couples to get the exact ring they want, regardless of the price tag. A diamond finance plan can take your eyes off the price, and put them where they belong: on the ring itself.

Stop by your local jewelry store today and ask them what diamond finance options they offer. Chances are, they have just the right plan to get you the ring of her dreams, much more easily than you ever thought possible. Don’t settle for less. Make her dreams come true. Learn more.

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