Five Benefits Of Custom Sports Apparel

For sports teams everywhere on any level, there’s something special about having custom apparel. It doesn’t matter if you’re new team jerseys, customized warm-up shirts or even team sweatshirts—custom sports apparel has plenty of benefits no matter what your role is on a particular athletic team.

Some of the benefits of custom apparel include:

  • Togetherness: Sports apparel can help breed camaraderie among sports teams like nothing else sometimes. Brand new jerseys with a team name, school name, team logo and each player’s name and number gives teams a sense of togetherness. This is especially true of high school sports. Whether you’re on a wrestling team and get custom headgear and singlets or on the swim team (and swimming is the fourth most popular rec activity in the United States) and get custom swim caps, everything with today’s youth is about uniqueness; it’s all about what they can do to stand out.
    The same thing can be said of custom designed medals. Let’s say you’re the coach of a high school basketball team that won a league championship this past season. Odds are you got a team trophy that will go on display in the school trophy case. But let’s say you’re looking to do something more.
    With custom designed medals, you can give those players something to remember that big achievement by. You can have custom designed medals with the name of the school, the school logo, each player’s name and perhaps the team’s record. It doesn’t have to be over the top like you see with a lot of professional team championship rings nowadays, but with a little creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind memento players will cherish.
  • Being seen: For high school teams with traditions, there’s nothing like putting on your school colors and representing your school. You may think that’s a little silly, but there’s a reason why the uniforms of professional teams like the New York Yankees are memorable; they’re unique and for some opponents, those uniforms can be intimidating. Think about confident your team might feel with new jerseys and a unique logo or color combination, especially in the eyes of your biggest rival.
  • Comfort and style: While some sports uniforms are more comfortable than others, custom sports apparel gives teams a chance to show off their creative side. Teams can really let their creativity show as they design shirts and hoodies and other apparel that they can wear on the field of play and off.
  • Community togetherness: Another way, besides apparel, to show school spirit and get the local community involved in athletic support is with items like personalized car stickers. For parents with kids on a local team, car stickers are a great way to support their child and the team they play on. One of the best things about car stickers is that they are weather-resistant so parents don’t have to worry about them falling off. Picture yourself as a parent traveling for a big playoff game: as you ride down with other parents and players, showing off your support and school colors will really catch the attention of passers-by, kind of like billboards on the highway. It doesn’t matter if you’re cruising in an SUV, a minivan or a PT cruiser, people will see it and know who you’re representing. Stickers can also be a great giveaway that stores can pass out to customers to further support.
  • Simplicity: As fun as it can be to really get creative with designing things like sports apparel and custom designed medals, sometimes sticking with what’s simple works best. Eliminating a lot of the flash and clutter let’s your school’s colors really shine through and that way you don’t find your team going crazy with creating a thousand different combinations of jersey tops and bottoms.

Whatever you’re creating, be it custom swim team shirts, swim team backpacks or custom designed medals, there are many benefits to creating custom items for a team in any sport and on any level. Custom apparel gives the team something to bond over and helps foster a sense of togetherness that’s needed to get through the ups-and-downs of a season while also allowing a team to be creative.

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