Going Green By Recycling Clothing

These days, it is more important than ever before to recycle. As the worth is getting more unsuitable to live on there are no longer any acceptable excuses to not bring a little green into your life. Recycling doesn’t just stop with plastic bottles, either. Old clothes should never, ever be thrown out, even if they have holes. Good clothes can be donated, while older junk clothes can always be recycled in other ways, such as turning it into a colored rag.

In this video, we gain insight into one town doing its best to help the planet. The town is incredibly unique, as it is entirely dedicated to recycling older fabric into new clothes. Each shop in the town takes on a different role in the process in order to achieve sustainable and beautiful results.

Donated clothes from around the world are taken and then go through multiple separating processes. Any clothes that are in good enough condition to be worn second-hand are separated. Then, everything else is separated by color and fabric.

The clothes are then shredded, washed, and dried. After that, they are a nice, soft wool texture. From there, they can be transformed into new fashion pieces with a green-thumbed twist.

Hangers in the clothes store. Shallow depth of field.

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