Rebranding? Promote Your New Look with Promotional Beach Towels

Wholesale beach towels

The beach is a popular destination for locals as well travelers from all over the world. Once the sun is shinning bright, and even when it’s not, people enjoy spending time at the beach.

When planning a beach vacation, a recent survey showed that price is a top concern. Approximately 77% of world travelers and 78% of American travelers stated that the estimated price of their beach vacation was their top concern.

The worldwide survey also showed that slightly over half of the participants, or 52%, were planning to take a beach vacation within the next year. There are quite a few beach destinations in the United States and abroad. While some people may stay closer to home, others will travel large distances in order to enjoy sun and surf.

While beachgoers engage in a variety of activities, they may, of course, vary them from time-to-time. Here are a few of their favorite activities from a recent survey:

  • Exercising: 13%
  • Napping: 53%
  • Reading: 48%
  • Relaxing: 60%
  • Sunbathing: 53%
  • Swimming: 65%
  • Walking: 70%

In addition to engaging in a variety of activities while at the beach, travelers and locals alike tend to bring beach bags and beach towels along with other accoutrements. These might include umbrellas to provide some shade and coolers for drinks and snacks.

Depending on the type of product and/or service you provide, you may be interested in the different types of promotional beach towels available. In addition to custom printed beach towels, there are embroidered beach towels, full color beach towels, and other types of logo beach towels.

All of these different types of promotional beach towels can be ordered in bulk and at wholesale prices. This is a definite benefit when you’re preparing to launch a new product or service.

You may also be interested in other customized promotional items such as beach bags. These can be sold or distributed to customers and clients separately or as a set.

Are you planning your promotional event at the beach, the mall, or local shopping centers? Whether you’re planning to hold this event at a single spot or at multiple venues, you want your promotional items to be the best quality possible. When you choose high quality promotional towels and other accessories, your prospective clients and customers will likely associate this level of quality with your business.

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