Seven Tips For Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

You’ve likely heard the old cliché that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and for women that love diamond jewelry like diamond rings, that’s still very true.

If you’ve found the woman of your dreams and you’re ready to ask for their hand in marriage, you’re going to need a diamond ring. Maybe you’ve worked out exactly what you’re going to say when you propose. Maybe you’ve even worked out a special plan where you take your special lady to a special place and propose there. But when it comes to diamond rings, you’re not really sure what to buy.

Fear not! By using this handy guide for engagement ring buying, you’ll be able to look at scores of diamond rings and easily find what you’re looking for:

  • Don’t follow trends: When it comes to diamond jewelry like diamond necklaces, diamond bracelets or diamond pendants, it’s best not to get caught up in what’s trendy. The same is true of diamond rings. The ring you get your special lady should be something timeless, that symbolizes your love and will last forever.
    The best thing you can do is take a look at the jewelry she already has. Is jewelry a fashion statement or is a simple add-on to a wardrobe? Does she prefer a certain kind of metal? By picking up on cues, you’ll be able to find the perfect engagement ring for her without getting caught up in the latest trends in diamond rings.
  • Don’t just look at the stone: When it comes to diamond rings, experts are quick to site the Four C’s of diamonds: clarity, carat, cut and color. That being said, you don’t need to find a diamond of a particular grade as you look at engagement rings. It’s better to judge a stone by feel and look rather than a grade.
  • Size doesn’t necessarily matter: When you’re look at diamond rings, you shouldn’t automatically think that you need to go big or go home. Unless your future bride is into big, stylish rings, you should focus on other ring factors as you shop. A big, showy ring isn’t always the best choice and by finding something that looks good on her finger with the right cut, color and clarity, you’ll make the big moment all the more special.
  • Know the history: There’s little doubt that getting diamond jewelry of any kind is exciting. But what can be even more exciting for customers is getting jewelry with a history. People are always intrigued by stones that are interesting and different and being able to trace the history of a diamond from the mine it came from to the market it sold in makes it more significant.
  • Don’t forget the setting: When you talk about diamond rings, so much of the focus is on the diamond. But the setting is just as important. After all, it’s important to have a diamond that’s centered in the middle of the ring. It’s best to think of the diamond as artwork and the setting as it’s frame. A local diamond seller or jeweler can help you find the perfect setting to put your perfect diamond on.
  • Don’t shy away from being unique: With so many diamond rings available, it’s understandable if your future wife wants hers to be unique. These days women are all about rings that have non-traditional settings or cuts or even different stones that aren’t diamonds. If you’re looking for something truly unique, the sky is the limit and you shouldn’t shy away from looking for something off the beaten path.
  • Price isn’t everything: You’ve more than likely seen all the commercials from the big diamond companies about how magical diamonds are. These are all just marketing ploys. When it comes time to buy your lady’s ring, don’t let the price dictate what you buy. Buying a ring isn’t an exact science and ultimately you want to find the perfect ring, even if it doesn’t cost three months salary.

It’s been found that 88% of Americans marry for love and if it’s that time for you and your lady, take time to find the perfect ring without letting yourself get wrapped up in price or style.

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