Three Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep It Stylish This Spring

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Spring is here, and it’s time to make the necessary adjustments to your wardrobe. The best news of all? You can freshen up your spring wardrobe — and create a variety of striking and stylish looks — all while sticking to a budget. Fashion experts say that pinching pennies is no longer an excuse, and here’s why:

You Can Create Weeks’ Worth of Outfits With Just a Few Basics

Skip frumpy, recycled outfits this spring by making purchasing very carefully — and starting out with a few, spring-time basics. “Build your wardrobe with an arsenal of classic pieces — then layer and mix them up from week to week so you almost never have the same outfit on,” Gap’s Vice President of Design, Patrick Robinson, advises Glamour. “I like creative combos such as doubled-up cardigans, a blazer worn over a denim jacket, two plaids worn together and hard leathers mixed with soft knits.” Leading fashion blog Frugal Beautiful reiterates, suggesting that women start their wardrobe with four camis and four cardigans — one black, one white, and two fun colors for each set. Freshen looks up for spring with two maxi skirts, a maxi dress, and a cropped jacket or jean jacket, too.

If You’re On Your Fifth Pair of Ray Bans, You’re Doing It Wrong

Women are purchasing accessories and similar items new when they can save a lot of money by preserving old favorites. Instead of purchasing frames new, fix scratched sunglass lenses with colored or polarized replacement lenses. Replacement lenses of sunglasses, including Ray Ban replacement lenses and Oakley replacement lenses, provide an inexpensive alternative to purchasing designer frames new.

It’s Relatively Easy to Fake It

If you cannot afford even the basics, consider the popular idiom fake it until you make it. You can get away with “almost anything” with perfectly styled hair and trendy shoes,
eBay style director Constance White tells Glamour. Browse YouTube for some free hair tutorials, and step up drab outfits with an especially cute pair of shoes.

Fashion on a budget is more than possible. Keep your style trendy and inexpensive with some basic spring clothing items, fix scratched sunglass lenses with replacement sunglass lenses, and/or be especially mindful of your shoes and hair. Ger more information on this topic here. See this link for more references.

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