What You Should Know About The Most Important Jewelry You’ll Ever Buy

Getting married is a big life step and it’s important to be positive about your commitment to marriage before making the leap. Fortunately, more and more people are taking a good deal of time to get to know one another and develop a firm foundation for their relationship before making that plunge. After all, taking this time can help you to develop a better understanding not only of your partner, but of yourself and want you want – and expect – out of a relationship, especially something as serious and lifelong as a marriage.

Fortunately, many couples are taking the time to figure this all out, staying together for an average of five years before finally deciding to get married. In addition to this, most serious couples will decide to live together before they get married as well. This is true for up to 70% of all couples, a higher number than ever before. After all, living with another person allows you to learn their quirks, their habits both good and bad, and how they react in all kinds of different situations. For couples, this time is important, time living together that allows them to more intricately figure out the other person, which not only helps them to better understand their partner but also helps them learn to address and deal with conflict in a healthy and appropriate way, something that certainly does not always come easily or naturally to even the best of couples.

But getting married is something that many look forward to, even if it is only in the future. After all, up to 90% of all married people will get married before the age of 50 and up to half of all adults have tied the knot at least once. Marrying for love is by and large the most common reason to get married, at least here in America, with up to 88% of all couples stating that their love is a main reason they got married (or are planning to get married, in the case of engaged couples).

Of course, selecting the perfect engagement ring will be the ideal start to an engagement. For the partner who is going to be doing the proposing, selecting an engagement ring can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, choosing engagement rings is easier to do now than ever before, and there are many paths that one might take to accomplish this goal.

For instance, many will still choose to go into jewelry stores in their area. Jewelry stores might not provide the vast amount of choice found on various online platforms, but jewelry stores can provide a personal experience that the online experience lacks. When you go into jewelry stores, you can ask a whole host of questions and get them answers. Another benefit to going into jewelry stores is that you’ll get to see the rings up close and personal before actually deciding to purchase one. Many jewelry stores will even let you hold the ring and examine it. And jewelry stores might have a more personal offering than what you’ll find online. Ultimately, many people will simply just trust jewelry stores and the products that these jewelry stores offer far more than what they could get from a faceless online seller. Therefore, jewelry stores are still very important even now in the age of the internet and, increasingly so, ecommerce.

Jewelry stores are likely to offer diamond rings. The diamond ring has, after all, long been the staple and the norm for engagement rings far back into our history. After all, the solitaire engagement ring, a simple single stone setting on a thin band, has been in use since the year of 1886 – and is showing no signs of going out of popularity, a timeless and classic design that appeals to all kinds of different people. Diamonds are, after all, the hardest naturally occurring substance in the entirety of the world, something that makes them hugely ideal for their use in wedding rings and engagement rings. Scoring a 10 on the MOHS hardness scale means that they will very much stand the test of time if cared for well.

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