Why it’s Easier to Be a Groom

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It’s not fair how easy it is to be a guy. There seems to be so many things to do and variables to different women’s getting ready schedule. Why is it that girls always seem to take hours to get ready and yet guys can be ready in a few minutes? Take this bride for example: she got up at five o’clock in the morning to start getting ready for her 11 o’clock wedding. Her groom got to sleep in and stop at MacDonald’s; bow ties, Italian leather shoes and all. Here is what went on that morning.

Behind the Scenes: The Bride
Actually, getting ready started the day before for this bride. She showered the night before so that there was one less thing to do in the morning and so that her hair was not perfectly clean (as recommended by her hair stylist.) The shower included many grooming rituals including but not limited to shaving, shampooing and conditioning, facial exfoliation and cleansing being careful to avoid the eyelash extensions she had done two days before as well as the typical washing. It should also be noted that she had to shower wearing latex gloves so as not to risk messing up her nails that she had done a day earlier.

When she woke up on the big day she again cleansed her face and applied her toner and lotion. It was recommended by her hair stylist to have her make up done before her hair so the make up artist got started. They had already done a run through of the bride’s wedding make up so at least there was no trial and error on the actual day. Even so, the whole process took about 45 minutes to do. They had already experienced with long lasting make up and made sure that the make up would last through the ceremony. The make up artist would be there before the reception to give her any necessary touch ups. You can be sure there would be no one touching up the groom’s look between events.

Once the make up is done it is sprayed with a setting spray and then the hair stylist can come along and get started. By then she had two different size curling irons and a straightener plugged in and heated up. For the up do that the hair stylist was doing, the practice run had showed them that there needed to be two different sizes of curls for it to work. The bride’s bangs needed to be straightened with a small flip of curl on the ends to blend with the rest of the style. One hour, 76 bobby pins and three accessories later, the hair is finished.

Next of course is the dress. This is a process that is better not explained but let’s just say, it requires the help of three bridesmaids. The hair stylist then steps in and places the veil properly and fixes the hair around it. Then there’s the garter to go on, possible gloves, stockings, a belt or any other accessories. She now literally won’t be able to sit down until the ceremony. She’s not wearing mens designer dress shoes that can be slipped on so someone else has to put her shoes on.

Behind the Scenes: The Groom
After sleeping in until nine, the groom jumped in the shower. There he washed his hair and body with his body wash. He let his hair air-dry, put on his tux, socks and luxury Italian loafers. The mens designer dress shoes were her idea. He would have been happy wearing his regular dress shoes that he had for work but she insisted they all have matching mens designer dress shoes. With a spritz of cologne he was ready.

Much to his inconvenience, he did need to pause once or twice while tying his bow tie and lacing his shoes so the photographer could get a candid shot. He declined posed pictures in lieu of being hungry and wanting to go to MacDonald’s.

Once the groom’s men arrived they car pooled to MacDonald’s in their matching mens designer dress shoes and tuxes before heading to the church.

Conclusion: It’s easier to be a groom than a bride. At least you get to eat! Find out more here.

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