Sea Glass Jewelry Allows You to Bring Part of the Ocean Home with You

Sea glass pendant

You obviously could not take all of your friends and family with you on your most recent vacation, but you did at least think of them when you were wandering through the gift shops and other retail options on your trip. As you looked for uniques types of sea glass anklets for each of your friends you hoped that some day they too could have such a grand adventure.
This trip was a once in a lifetime event for your family. Being from the midwestern state of Nebraska, big water is not really a part of your vocabulary, your experience, or your memories. Living in a state that has no single lake that is not man made means that when you have the chance to see one of the oceans, you take it. When your parents decided to offer a beachside resort vacation to everyone in the family, obviously, everyone was on board. In fact, even your teenage daughters thought it was a great idea to travel together as a family when the grandparents first made the suggestion. The fact that there would be no other family Christmas presents that year was even easy to swallow when everyone realized that instead of opening small gifts that might soon be forgotten the family would be creating memories that would last a lifetime.
The idea to start collecting various types of sea glass anklets happened early in the trip. It was difficult to ignore the slender tans legs of the local girls on the beach, bur the types of sea glass anklets were just as noticeable. Available in a variety of colors and designs, your daughters bought the popular local jewelry on one of their first shopping adventures of the week. Determined not to miss a moment of the sun filled days on the beaches, the shopping only occurred on rainy mornings and afternoons, but that was plenty of time to shop for different types of sea glass anklets and other kinds of local beach glass jewelry. From the adorable sea glass pendant designs that could be worn on a chain around the neck to the various kinds of sea glass ring designs, every rainy afternoon was an opportunity to look for the perfect something for all of the friends and family back home who were scooping their driveways while you were enjoying the ocean.
Local Art Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift for Yourself or Friends Back Home
It probably should come as no surprise that local artists create their wares from what they have available to them. In the case of sea glass jewelry, artists near the beaches of the world often create pieces of work from the items that are available in the beach. One kind of souvenir, sea glass jewelry is made from glass that may have been in the ocean for decades. As pieces of glass soak in salt water and get tossed against the sand by the waves for anywhere from five to 50 years, all the sharp edges and corners become smooth.
This smoothness creates the perfect material for pieces that can be worn in jewelry for the neck, the ankles, and the ears. Available in a variety of colors and shades, customers often spend hours picking out exactly the right piece of jewelry with just the right color and shape. With no two pieces exactly alike, in fact, the selection process can last for the length of any rain storm that interrupts your tanning time!
Sea glass can actually be found all over the world. In fact, it has existed since humans started making glass before 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. Most sea glass that is used today to make the pieces that most consumers are buying, however, comes from the 19th and 20th centuries. And while some colors of sea glass are very popular and earier to find, other colors are more uncommon. For instance, purple sea glass is very uncommon. Likewise, citron; opaque white, from milk glass; cobalt and cornflower blue, from early Milk of Magnesia bottles, poison bottles, artwork, and Bromo-Seltzer and Vicks VapoRub containers: and aqua from 19th century glass bottles and Ball Mason jars, can be difficult to find as well.

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