Looking for Modern Leather Furniture? Explore Modern European Designs

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Were you aware that 60% of people shopping for furniture only purchase brand new furniture? As a result, furniture sales amounted to $101.41 billion in 2013 alone. Furthermore, home furnishing stores in the United States experienced an amazing $44.36 billion in sales.

Furniture Today conducted a furniture-and-bedding market survey for the period of 2012-to-2014. This survey showed that millennials comprised the largest group of consumers. What did these millennials spend during this two-year period? Not only did their spending increase by 142% during this period, it leaped from $11.1 billion to $27 billion.

After purchasing a house and a car, furniture is clearly the next most expensive item that millennials and other consumer groups will buy. Quality high-end furniture, such as leather Italian sofas, sectional couches, and recliners are an obvious choice for millennials and other individuals that appreciate high-end quality furniture. The comfort and elegance of fine leather is well-known throughout the world.

When shopping for fine Italian leather furniture, it’s important to choose pieces that are 100% custom-made. It’s also important to choose leather Italian sofas that are completely covered with leather upholstery and not backed with vinyl or pleather. These are just two of the obvious signs that a piece of leather furniture is made with quality and expert craftsmanship.

When planning to purchase only the best in new modern Italian furniture, you may be interested to know that sofas usually have a lifespan of seven to 15 years. In order to properly care for fine Italian leather, a good leather conditioner needs to be applied every six months to a year. Whenever spills occur, they can be easily wiped up with a soft, clean cloth.

Good Housekeeping reports that the average lifespan of a recliner is usually ten years. Leather recliners should also be conditioned every six months to a year, and spills can be cleaned up in the same way as with leather sofas.

If you only purchase new furniture, be sure that it’s quality high-end leather furniture. Leather furniture can provide comfort and style to any room in your house.

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