Three Considerations to Make When Purchasing Fine Jewelry for a Loved One

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When purchasing fine jewelry for a loved one, it isn?t always easy to know exactly what they want, or what would make the individual happy. For young people in their 20s to early 30s, purchasing fine jewelry has changed a great deal since their parents and grandparents were shopping for it. Over 75% of millennials believe that when buying diamonds or other precious stones, making sure the jewelry was responsible sourced should be a top priority. Regardless if the individual is getting bridal jewelry or a unique design, here are three considerations to keep in mind when buying the next piece.

Decide If Buying a Ring with Colored Stones is Important Before Making a Purchase

Be it for a partner or for themselves, many younger generations favor colored stones in their rings. Over 50% of would-be brides say this is important to them, given the popularity among celebrities like Halle Berry. Engagement rings that have stones like emeralds, rubies, or that are known for being colorful, unlike diamonds, have grown in popularity. Those interested in making such a purchase should consider talking with their partner. If the purchase is for themselves, they should be aware of the differences between colored stones, since some cost more than others. Also being aware of how the stone works with one?s coloring (hair, eyes, skin) can go a long way in picking out. Although fine jewelry that has colored stones in it can be beautiful and certainly trendy, individuals need to consider the long-term effects of buying an engagement ring that does not meet the traditional standards. For example, will the partner like It several years from now? Or would a more classic look go with their needs? Whatever the answer is, the main point is for the individual wearing the jewelry to be happy in the long term with what they are given.

When Creating a Custom Piece, Figure Out What Type of Stones and Design Are Important to Have

Now more than ever, young people are shying away from cookie-cutter jewelry, and wanting something that is one-of-a-kind. This could be from bridal jewelry or an engagement ring, to more everyday wear, such as a necklace, or even body jewelry. Having fine jewelry that is custom designed can be even more special and meaningful. It can be a way to remember a family member or loved one who has passed on, or even just a way for the individual to express themselves. Before going to a jewelry store, individuals should have a good idea of their custom jewelry design. Local jewelers can also work with them to show various ideas and possibilities that would match their interests or lifestyle. Some who wants an everyday piece to wear but has a very active life might choose to stay away from anything that shows off too much or is too dangly, for example. Through the help of a jeweler, individuals can have their own custom piece that reflects their life and personality.

Individuals Can Pick Out Lab Grown Diamonds Rather Than Ones That Are Not Harvested Responsibly

Although lab grown diamonds might not have been a hit with older generations, young people today feel more positively about lab grown diamonds than their parents and grandparents. Over 75% of millennials are either happy with or neutral about having jewelry that contains lab-grown diamonds instead of diamonds that might not have been procured in the most responsible manner. Today, many jewelers understand how people feel about having fine jewelry that is beautiful, but also honors social responsibility. Thus, lab grown diamonds have swelled in popularity, for brides, women, and everyone in-between.

When picking out fine jewelry, there are many considerations to keep in mind, especially for those getting married. Many engagement rings include colored stones today, such as sapphire or rubies. Many brides consider this a modern look, and prefer it to plain diamonds. For individuals who want to express themselves, there are various ways to create custom jewelry that has a unique look to match an individual?s personality. Finally, in an effort to be socially responsible, lab grown diamonds are offered at more jewelry shops, so individuals do not have to worry about how the diamond was harvested.

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