Day: August 5, 2013

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Want to Get the Most Volume From Your Lashes? Three Tips for Better Makeup

The history of makeup goes back thousands of years, with the earliest record of it dating to the first Egyptian Dynasty of 3100 BCE. Most of us know that the ancient Egyptians wore eyeliner and darkened their lips, but did you know they also had antiwrinkle cream made from wax, moringa oil, and more? Our […]

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Shopping Tips for Parents for School, Groceries, and Holidays

Did you know, according to National Retail Federation, parents will spend $22.8 billion this year on school supplies for their children? Further, according to the United States Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, parents spent up to $1,250 for their groceries in June 2013. Being a parent is an expensive proposition that often leaves parents […]

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