Month: April 2014

Custom printed flags
Sports flags
Vinyl avenue banners

With Summer Coming Soon, You May Want to Consider Getting a New Flag

As the summer approaches, you may be thinking about getting your home–outside included–ready for the warmer weather. This may very likely include flying nylon or polyester American flags from your porch. And for the Fourth of July, you’ll probably want to seriously consider it. With this in mind, it makes sense to find a flag […]

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Automatic wrist watches
Mens watches
Womens watches

No Matter What Style, Wristwatches Still Serve Original Purpose

First introduced and described as an “arm watch” in the late 16th century, wrist watches used to be only worn exclusively by women. Luckily there are now many different types of watch bands suited for both men and women. First worn by men in the late 19th century by soldiers to facilitate synchronizing war maneuvers, […]

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Custom screen print t shirts
Custom softball shirts
Custom t-shirt printing

Four Reasons to Make Custom Shirts

Screen printed t-shirts make perfect custom work shirts or team shirts, but when else might you want to custom design shirts? Believe it or not, they’re perfect for just about any occasion. Here are a few times when you might consider making some screen printed t-shirts outside of work and play! As Gifts. What better […]

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Best place to sell gold
Best way to sell gold
How to buy gold for investment

How to Sell Your Gold Like the Experts

If you have old gold items like jewelry and coins that do nothing but collect dust, now is the best time to sell it and earn some extra cash in exchange. The market value for gold is still at an all-time high, meaning you could possibly make hundreds when you know how to sell gold […]

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Mechanical wrist watches
Sport watches for men
Womens sports watch

Watches Add a Timeless Component to Any Wardrobe

Since the introduction of the first wrist watch, created by Patek Philippe in 1868, advances in technology have changed the way the world manages their time. The look, style, feel, weight and even the function of watches has evolved considerably over the past 150 years. For starters, different watch movement types have been introduced. A […]

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How to measure oakley lens size
Replace lenses in sunglasses
What are polarized lenses

What Do You Need to Know to Buy Replacement Lenses?

At long last, it’s summer time and you’re rocking your favorite shades at the beach with your friends. You’ve got a friendly, but competitive, game of ultimate frisbee going. You dive for the disc, and suddenly your sunglasses fly off your face. In the confusion, your friend accidentally steps on your beloved shades. Once the […]

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How to fix broken sunglasses
Ray ban replacement lense
Replacement ray ban lenses

Three Ways You Can Fix Your Scratched Sunglass Lenses

It’s an all too common situation. You bend over to tie your shoelaces, pick up something you’ve dropped, or pet a dog, and your sunglasses slip from your face or pocket. You pick them up, inspect the damage, and sure enough, you’ve scratched the sunglass lenses. Great. Now you need to buy a new pair. […]

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