Month: March 2015

Rechargeable vapor pen
Vapor cigarette

Why Use eCigs? Here Are Three Reasons to Switch from Smoking to Vaping

Each year, millions of people look to quit smoking, but they are only met with limited success if they go cold turkey. Even those who use nicotine patches or gum don’t satisfy the physical need to smoke, and many will go back to cigarettes within a matter of time. However, there is one method for […]

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Find me a hair salon
Hair extensions industry
Hair weave san jose

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Wearing Hair Extensions

Many women today use hair extensions as a way to add body to hair and achieve long, luscious locks they might not be able to grow out naturally. In fact, the number of people who wear hair extensions is quickly on the rise. Studies show that there has been an amazing 28.5% growth (no pun […]

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Chair cover rental
Rental linens
Wedding reception linens

The Top Three Ways to Make Linen Rentals Work For You

Whether it’s for a wedding, a fundraiser, a gala, or a birthday, or any other important ceremony, renting linens for an event is an affordable and excellent way to decorate — and protect — the venue where the event is taking place. Regardless of where the venue is, whether it be outdoors in someone’s backyard […]

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Camouflage bikini
Ladies camouflage clothing
Pink camo clothing

Camo-Themed Weddings Are a Real Thing and They’re Awesome

Here comes the bride, all dressed in…camouflage? That’s right, something old, something new, and something new now involves incorporating camo wedding accessories. Believe it or not, camo themed weddings have become extremely popular. So if you’re a camo aficionado and are in need of some creative, fun, and unique do it yourself wedding ideas, you’re […]

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