Year: 2015

Chair covers for weddings
Linen tablecloth rental
Wedding tablecloths

Four Ways to Create Interesting Events With Linens and Chair Cover Rentals

So much planning goes into organizing a large event of any kind. Every party planner wants the guests to enjoy themselves and have an experience that they won’t soon forget. There are plenty of ways to create a unique party, such as having interesting foods and good music, but the decor can actually have one […]

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Adult footed pj
Mens footed pajamas
Womens sleepware

What America Wears To Bed

From the traditional flannel nightie to the onesie pajamas adult sizes, what we wear to bed is often a contentious issue. The results are in and, according to research, almost 75% of Americans choose pajamas for their sleep attire. A saucy eight percent wear nothing at all and the rest wear a rather cryptic “something […]

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renting linens for an event
Rental linens
Wedding reception linens

3 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Renting Linens for an Event

Planning a big event like a wedding or gala can be excruciatingly stressful, and the last thing you should have to deal with is the linens for your party. Thankfully, linen rental companies exist so you can focus more on the big picture and sweat the small stuff less. Linen rental companies are great because […]

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Essex wedding florist
Perry hall florist
Pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces

3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Unique

While your wedding day is likely to be one of the best days of your life, it can be incredibly stressful to plan for it. This can be especially true for those who don’t want to the traditional, red and white wedding plans. But luckily, it really isn’t as hard as you may believe to […]

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Full service hair salon
Hair salons
Hair salons in encinitas

The Politics of Hair Styling

Odds are that you’re one of the millions of women who have gone to hair salons and gotten their hair cut, styled, and/or dyed, but do you remember what you got or why you went? Believe it or not, research has found the common reasons why women go to hair salons and what it is […]

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Custom company shirts
Custom t shirt screen printing
Design your own hoodies

Custom Clothes and Why You Want Them Now

You want some new clothes but everyone seems to be wearing the same thing all the time. It’s boring and unoriginal. So, you end up sticking to the same ol’ closet options you have now. Or, maybe you want to buy a special gift for something; something to really capture their personality and interests. I […]

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Photo styling
Professional photo retouching services
Wedding photographer editing service

How Professional Photographers Take Their Craft to the Next Level With Photo Editing Software

The quality of a photo relies largely on the skill and equipment of the photographer. Photography is one of the most rewarding and colorful of industries one can find themselves in. There are a number of factors that go into taking the perfect picture from lighting and angles to exposure and negative space: the list […]

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Adult foot pajamas
Adult onesies pajamas
Womans footed pjs

Four Novelty Christmas Gifts Your Family Will Love

When you were a child, the wonder of seeing the Christmas tree full of huge boxes with your name was the greatest feeling in the world. Now, as adults who can buy ourselves whatever we want, our letters to Santa usually just include the words, “gift cards and cash, please.” While getting a stockpile of […]

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How to Pick the Right Suit for Your Body Type

Most women own at least three suits. In terms of what kind of swimsuit is the most popular, 53% of American women prefer one-piece suits and 29% like tankinis. Of the women who wear two piece suits, 56% said they just like the way bikinis look. Buying a bathing suit is a scary experience for […]

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Cake sparklers
Indoor sparklers for weddings
Wedding sparkler send off

Use Sparkers to Make Your Send Off Special

Sparklers add fun and and excitement to any event. Using them as the way to send a couple off after a wedding reception is gaining popularity. Wedding sparklers make that send off an event in and of itself. The average number of people who attend a wedding is almost 140. Having about 100 people waving […]

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