• A Simple Guide to Shopping Online for the Best Western Fashion and Accessories

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    The cowboy: is there anything more quintessentially American? Dating back to the 19th century as the United States expanded west, the cowboy look was made for rugged terrain and outdoor labor. Today, this style is known the world over. Although emulated by many, western fashion is only something that a few get right. However, you can if you know exactly what you’re looking for — especially when shopping online for great deals and the best brands.

    What should you be keeping in mind as you shop for the best western fashion and western fashion accessories? Here are three things that everyone should know about getting this look just right:

      1. Choose quality over quantity: It may be easy to go in for the cheap stuff because you can buy more of it, but this tends to be a rookie mistake. I Continue Reading

  • Yoga Workout Clothes 5 Improvements in Women’s Activewear

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    Activewear for women has changed a lot in the last decade, from improved yoga workout clothes to new types of sportswear, dubbed athleisure wear. With activewear sales increasing over 6% for women since 2010, activewear companies have fought hard to meet new demands and creative innovative and comfortable pieces. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or looking to improve on your fitness apparel, here are a few tips on the newest improvements to activewear:

    1. Sweat Wicking Clothing – If you’re big on cardio, weight interval training, or High Intensity Interval Training, sweat wicking clothes can be helpful in absorbing sweat and keeping you feeling cool and refreshed. This moisture manageme Continue Reading

  • What Did the ASI Study on Promotional Tees Reveal?

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    Cheap custom tee shirts are an excellent way to promote a business, and the Advertising Specialty Institute recently conducted to find out just how well they work. Here are a few interesting things they found about cheap custom tees.

    Almost Half of America Has a Promotional, Custom Tee.

    The ASI found that the marketing strategy of selling or giving away promotional, custom tees is so widely used that 48% — virtually half — of U.S. consumers own a custom tee. When divvying up the data by gender, men are more likely than women to own custom tees.

    Promotional Shirts Have a Pretty Strong Impact on a Person’s Memory.

    Selling or giving away branded shirts is a surefire way to help co Continue Reading