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Temporary dragon tattoos
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Temporary Tattoos When Ink Is Too Much

Temporary tattoos. It seems from the dawn of time that men and women and non-binary people enjoyed the symbolic ritual of putting an image or a pattern or a saying on their body, etched there for time and eternity. Tattoos, however, remain dangerous to get even till this day. Permanent tattoos can lead to: Infections […]

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sea glass wedding jewelry
Sea glass charm designs

Finding the Perfect Gift for a Bride-to-Be

If you know a bride who will soon be getting married, chances are you’ll be attending a bridal shower in the future. There are so many options of gift ideas to get the lucky lady, but sometimes, you may not be sure what to choose. You can get her anything from a household item to […]

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Clothing donations
Donating clothing to charity
Military donations

How Your Clothing Donations Help Military Families

Di you know that of the roughly 2 million tons of used clothing Americans recycle each year, less than half is ever worn again? Americans are caught up in the idea of buying new clothing for work, going out, and other special events. In the 1930s, women owned about 9 outfits, and today, women own […]

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Custom tattoo backs
Metallic temporary tattoo
Metallic temporary tattoos

Want To Create The Best Birthday Party Yet? Try Setting Up A Temporary Tattoo Booth

You want to create a fun and memorable birthday party. What can you do to stand out from the pack? Creating a fashion temporary tattoo station is a great place to start. The best thing about birthday parties are just how darn fun they are for the whole family, giving everyone an opportunity to let […]

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High visibility button down shirts
Safety rain apparel

How To Stay Safe As A Construction Worker With The Proper Workwear

The average person may walk 10,000 steps a day, but a construction worker can walk more than 30,000. It is very important for construction workers to have the right workwear to ensure their personal safety. This is why its very important to make sure that all construction workers have the right kind of footwear to […]

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Fashion jewelry
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Jewelry design

5 Jewelry Care Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Valuables

If you or your loved one has visited a custom jeweler to design your wedding rings or other types of jewelry, you’ll understand the care and expense that goes into each piece. But just because a diamond is the hardest substance known to man — it ranks as a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale […]

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High visibility long sleeve shirts
Orange safety vest
Safety shirts

Work Safety Clothing Can Help Reduce Injuries

For hard working crews in important industries like construction, transportation and trucking, airlines, landscaping, waste management and moving, work safety gear and clothing is essential. We rely on these workers for our everyday existence, and their safety matters to everyone. Safety jackets for work can help to prevent injuries and save lives. The worksite can […]

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Charity clothing pickup
Clothing donation
Helping families in need

Why Donating Clothes is A Great Way to Support The Military

In the United States, there are a lot of people that are involved in the act of charitable giving. This means that just about 96% of all Americans participate at some level of charitable giving. This includes donating money, and even donating time and work towards soup kitchens or helping buy gifts or food for […]

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Bleach for skin
Lightening cream for face
Skin care whitening

Address the Signs of Aging With Natural Skin Lightening Products

As people age, they experience changes in their skin tone. While some of these changes may be minor at first, others may be or become more noticeable. While uneven skin tone can be caused by a variety of issues, these are the most common causes: Hyper-pigmentation Sun spots Hormones Acne scarring The American Osteopathic College […]

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Celeb news
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Fun Hollywood News Facts

Since the creation of modern society, there has been a great number of news sources to emerge both in terms of printed material and digital material. Now that we have entered the 21st century and have experienced an expansion in technology, there are even more news sources covering different material than ever before as well. […]

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