• Principles of Charity Donations Pick Up

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    It is estimated that about $5.8 billion worth of clothing related donations were made to charity organizations in the United States back in 2007, according to charitable giving statistics. These donations are meant to be distributed to helping families in need and also for funding. Essentially, giving out usable goods like books, clothing, furniture among other forms of donations is a noble gesture, which goes a long way to help the less fortunate in society. It’s also a great reuse option for the items you no longer use.

    When it comes to making donations, there’s a lot that goes into it than just picking items and throwing them in donation bins. This is an act of compassion that requires you to carefully plan your contributions and organize for drop offs or charity pick up. There are various forms o Continue Reading

  • Statistics and Clothing Donation Facts

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    Unfortunately, there are more homeless individuals than you may think. Additionally, some families are having trouble making ends meet.

    Shocking Statistics
    In Philadelphia alone, around 440,000 residents are currently living under the federal poverty line. This same state has the worst poverty rate out of the top 10 largest cities within the United States. Some of the time families are having financial difficulties aren’t always because they aren’t trying; fraud can be a factor. CNN states that identity fraud happens every 42 seconds. Just in 2013, more than 13 million Americans had their identities stolen. Thankfully, some organizations help families in need, and the whole community comes together to help as well.

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    One of the ways organi Continue Reading