Is Social Media Good For Your Brain?

It’s no secret that social media has become a daily habit for just about everybody. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, there are millions of people flocking to apps to share their lives and opinions. Without a doubt, the internet has become saturated with so many different presences that one could scroll forever without even scratching the surface. However, with more social media comes more questions regarding its impact on the human brain.

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Is social media good for us, or is it changing the way we think in a detrimental way? In this video, we will take look at how our minds are impacted by an extensive use of social media platforms.

Without a doubt, social media has a huge impact on real life experiences. For example, when one is oversaturated in the world of social media, they may rely more on positive reinforcements like likes, comments, and shares, instead of doing things for the simple sake of doing them. Additionally, people have trouble focusing on the power of a moment in itself versus the sharing and photographing opportunities it presents. In the same way, social media causes us to compare ourselves to one another. This can cause an unhealthy obsession with appearance.


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