Month: February 2017

Cosmetic procedures
Mole removal san diego

The Most Common Skin Procedures for Improved Skin

It may seem harder to keep up with healthy looking skin as we get older. Our skin begins to sag and we notice many years of sun on our skin in the form or sun spots, wrinkles, or moles. Our age is also the one distinct classifier of age. It is what people use most […]

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Hair extension
Hot fusion extensions
San jose makeup artist

Michigan Hairdresser Opens Organic Salon To Promote Awareness of Dangerous Hair Products

Half of all women that visit a salon will go at least once a month, whether it is because they want a change, just went through a breakup, need to maintain their current style, or simply because they were bored. But it is safe to say that while heading to the spa may seem relaxing […]

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Fine jewelry
Jewelry repair
Wedding rings indianapolis

Three Considerations to Make When Purchasing Fine Jewelry for a Loved One

When purchasing fine jewelry for a loved one, it isn?t always easy to know exactly what they want, or what would make the individual happy. For young people in their 20s to early 30s, purchasing fine jewelry has changed a great deal since their parents and grandparents were shopping for it. Over 75% of millennials […]

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High end furniture los angeles
Leather sofas in los angeles
Sectional sofa

Looking for Modern Leather Furniture? Explore Modern European Designs

Were you aware that 60% of people shopping for furniture only purchase brand new furniture? As a result, furniture sales amounted to $101.41 billion in 2013 alone. Furthermore, home furnishing stores in the United States experienced an amazing $44.36 billion in sales. Furniture Today conducted a furniture-and-bedding market survey for the period of 2012-to-2014. This […]

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Sea glass charm designs
Types of sea glass bracelets
Types of sea glass pendants

Sea Glass Jewelry Allows You to Bring Part of the Ocean Home with You

You obviously could not take all of your friends and family with you on your most recent vacation, but you did at least think of them when you were wandering through the gift shops and other retail options on your trip. As you looked for uniques types of sea glass anklets for each of your […]

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