• Western Furniture Can Add Style and Class to Any Home

    With the beloved history of the American expansion throughout the Western states, there is a great deal of style and culture connected to that national development. As the country grew there were desert towns and other locations that brought in a great deal of culture from other worldwide sites like India.

    Western Style Furniture Connected to World History

    Some of these items include leather couches, chairs, and other items can be used continually with the greatest life. While worldwide styles date back to the 13th century, leather production in the U.S. increased quickly with the growth of the country, having well over a thousand tanneries nationwide by 1750.

    Western furniture is an incredibly popular interior design, especially with the leather armchairs and leather sofas that are so common in homes with all styles of design. With Western style furniture and rustic Western furniture fitting so well into different styles, key items can be purchased at all different Continue Reading

  • Make Your Forever Pieces Last Forever With the Right Care

    A popular gift during the holidays is always jewelry. Whether you’re going for a special diamond ring and popping the big question or you simply want to purchase a nice bracelet or watch for your significant other, jewelry stores do a good business during the holiday season. Indeed, engagement ring purchases see a significant uptick in December, with around 15% of couples choosing that month to get engaged. If you’re shopping for fine jewelry, especially diamonds, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. You should look for jewelry that’s GIA certified (that is, certified by the Gemological Institute of America). A good jewelry store will take the extra steps to make sure that their jewelry is GIA certified. We’ll cover other need-to-know items below, so you can make the best purchase possible.

    Why Fine Jewelry? 

    Jewelry can really make the difference in an outfit. Costume jewelry will often suffice the majority of the time, but sometimes you want something a little extra special. Fine jewelry can also either be a great, everyday wear — a simple gold necklace or pair of diamond studs, for example — or be broken out for special occasions — if you have a beautiful statement gemstone necklace or a fine bracelet that’s a family heirloom.

    A piece of fine jewelry can be a “forever” piece and a signature piece that lasts you for years and years. And in some cases, it might also hold sentimental value, if it’s an heirloom piece or something your significant other bought for you. And fine jewelry adds a bit of class and polish to anyone wearing it — quality is often easy to tell, even from a distance.

    What Should I Know When Shopping for Fine Jewelry? 

    If you’re just starting out your collection, go for more timeless, elegant pieces like necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Solid gold or silver, pearls, and diamonds tend to be favorites in these categories. Gold, silver, and platinum will have markers, noting what grade it is — make the sure the karat, metal content, or sterling silver notation is clearly marked on the piece.

    For diamonds, you should know the quality is based on cut, color, carat, and clarity, often known as the “4 C’s.” Don’t be afraid to comparison shop and quiz the salesperson a little on grading guarantees, diamond treatments, and appraisals. You want to make a well-informed purchase, after all.

    If buying gemstones, you should always get everything in writing, including a sales receipt or appraisal listing, or a certificate of replacement cost.

    Do check out the jewelers you’re visiting too. What are their reputations like? The Internet can be a gold mine for this kind of information, so be sure to do your research — not just on the jewelry, but the store selling it as well.

    As mentioned above, jewelry that’s GIA certified is always good to look for; just make sure you leave with a copy of the certification in hand.

    How Does One Maintain Fine Jewelry? 

    Unfortunately, fine jewelry is not a “set it and forget it” kind of thing. Upon purchasing, you should always ask your jeweler what’s involved the care and cleaning for the piece before you leave the store. Other than that, it’s also suggested that your jeweler check out your fine jewelry at least once a year for repair and upkeep purchases.

    In general, you should be wary about exposing them to too much light or heat for long periods of time; it can affect the coloring of many gemstones and pearls. Keep them away from chemicals as well and make sure you have the right kind of storage. If you’re cleaning them yourself, always make sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid scratching or marring the gems. Any pearls that are worn with regularity should be restrung at least once a year.

    Investing in fine jewelry and treasuring the pieces you do own can give you a little extra boost of self-confidence. Wear your fine jewelry — be it a necklace or a bracelet— with pride. With proper care, they will indeed be “forever” pieces!

  • Proper Care and Storage of Table Skirts and Drapes for Events

    If you are in the event planning business, you are probably wondering how to keep table skirts safe. However, this is not the only challenge that you might be facing. There are a considerable number of even planners how frequently ignore the basic steps of proper disassembling, storage and setting up of event equipment such as table skirts and table drapes being used. Lack of proper storage and setting up of these equipment often leads to a disastrous planning of events in an industry that is characterized by cut throat competition. With proper planning and care however, your dilemma will no longer be how to keep table skirts safe but; how to improve the planning process of your next event. Ideally, you will be dealing with things like table skirting clips, napkins, fitted tablecloths and table linens. All these items need proper storage for the next event and here is how to do it.

    Consider the Material Used for Table Cloths
    When trying to figure out how to Continue Reading

  • Finding and Making Jewelry With Sea Glass

    Jewelry and other personal decorations for the body predate the written word, and over the many millennia, different materials have been used to create jewelry of all kinds, from sea shells to gold, silver, and precious gems like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. And ever since glass started being made in Mesopotamia around 2000 B.C., sea glass entered the world of jewelry, and sea glass has proven itself popular around the world for the beauty of the products and how sea glass bits can be used in all kinds of jewelry today. A sea glass pendant is one possibility, and can be worn around the neck. A sea glass bracelet can also be made when a piece of sea glass is put into a gold or silver band around the wrist or forearm, and an authentic sea glass charm or other beach glass jewelry can be very attractive and possibly much more price-friendly than regular gems, depending on the color of sea glass used in an ite Continue Reading

  • Start Giving to Charity with Clothing Donations

    If you have managed to do well for yourself over time and made wise financial decisions to come to a situation where you are financially comfortable, it might be time to start thinking about giving back to society. A lot of charitable organizations do excellent work in the country when it comes to helping people in need and simple contributions from people like you can enable them to have the resources they need to accomplish bigger and better things. Donating to charity can make you feel better while also helping the families of those in need significantly.

    When it comes to donating to charity, a lot of times, some notions regarding the process involved can act as a deterrent for people. A simple, streamlined process with minimum hassle and inconvenience can definitely be a great way to get more and more people interested in this. Even people with fast lives and busy schedules can then commit to donating to charity without having to change their schedules in a big way. This is Continue Reading

  • Why Beanies Are All The Rage

    Beanies are worn mainly because of their versatility and various design patterns, that make them fashionable headwear during any casual occasion. From knitted beanies to crochet beanies, the variety offered provides excellent options that have become a staple in girls fashion, primarily due to them being a stylish addition in both high-end and casual style with their infamous faux fur pom. Recently, C.C beanie hats released a line of beanies that combine popular patterns and designs with their traditional feel to create the ultimate multipurpose beanies, perfect for nearly any occasion.

    Why Beanies Are Perfect For Nearly Any Occasion

    Everyone looks forward to the winter time because of the warm, fuzzy winter clothing and cold weather accessories that give a stylish flair while providing insolation. C.C beanie hats are consi Continue Reading

  • Winter Weddings Create Beautiful Photos

    Everyone had a very Merry Christmas, but now gears are shifting towards the January wedding! You recently sent a preliminary list of “duties” for all of the host couples. You took the first part of the list to want to thank everyone for the help and support that they have given so far and acknowledged that you would likely be working like crazy the day of the wedding without the help of the host couples. Instead, you hope to have enough plans in place before hand to be able to enjoy your only daughter’s wedding. You are hoping with eight people helping out the chores will not be so overwhelming that the host cannot enjoy themselves as well.
    The first task for the group begins the day before the wedding when you will be able to be in the venue to decorate. Most of the hosts have indicated that they will be available for this time so you are hoping the work will be completed quickly and everyone will have plenty of time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.
    On the day of the we Continue Reading

  • Taking A Closer Look At Popular Ways To Give Back Without Spending Any Money

    Giving back to charity is hugely popular here in the United States, so much so that more than 95% of all people in the United States participate in it at least once throughout the course of a single year. After all, there are so many charities to choose from, from the American Red Cross to military charities with the objective of helping military families not only in the communities in question but all throughout the United States. Unfortunately, however, giving a monetary sum to a charity of choice is not always possible for every single person who wishes to give back in some way.

    After all, the cost of living in many parts of this country is quite high, making it difficult to even just make ends meet for far too many people. For people struggling to balance the costs of everyday living, from food to bills to loan payments to rent, giving back to charity might seem impossible. Fortunately, even if one cannot donate money, this is actually far from the case, thanks to the ability Continue Reading

  • Eyebrow Enhancing Options that Work for Everyone

    If you are a beauty professional that handles a large variety of clients, you know that it can sometimes be difficult to find a product or process that can give them what they want. Eyebrows may be one area that can cause some difficulty because there are so many different products to choose from.

    As eyebrows are an important part of facial recognition, people often seek professional assistance for brow maintenance if they place great value on the appearance of this facial feature. Because of this, it is your job as the professional to give them the style and look that they are hoping for.

    The best way to ensure that your client will be happy with the results of their eyebrows is to know and understand the different eyebrow enhancing products that people may want. Here is a break down of different brow products and any extra training or equipment that may be needed to perform th Continue Reading

  • Why Danner East Ridge Is Making Traction With Its Range Of Versatility

    Everyone loves to look nice, even when they decide to bare the elements of the outdoors. But you wouldn’t give up durability to just look nice, right? With the amount of labor America bares alone, simply looking stylish won’t do. The average worker walks around approximately 10,000 steps a day—a construction worker triples that number, with 30,000 steps per day, with nearly 100,000 work-related foot injuries in 2016 according to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. You might wonder, how does one combat the dangers of the workplace merely through footwear? But Danner East Ridge does just that. Dinner East Ridge provides the contrast everyone’s looking for, stylish and sleek, but built to last any terrain—from the toughest of jobs to a casual day in the outdoors.

    History of Danner East Ridge
    Danner East Ridge was originally Danner Shoe Mgf. Company—founded by Charles Danner in 1932 in the midst of the Great Depression, in an old logging town located in Wisconsin, Chippewa Continue Reading

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