• Are You Looking for the Perfect Welcome to School Gift for Your Teacher?

    The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to recognize the teachers who will play a major role in impacting the lives of your children. And while there are many parents who give their children’s classroom teachers gifts at the end of the year, who is to say that you cannot do the same at the beginning. While many families are still enjoying the las few days and the weekend of the summer, teachers are already back in their classroom. In fact, long before the first students walk into the school houses across the country, teachers are already spending long days, nights, and weekends just making sure that their spaces are ready for the new year.
    The spouses and parents of some teachers send flowers to their loved ones on the first day of school to add a little color to a classroom that will be a home away from home for the next nine months. Deliveries from local florists are a great way to make sure that those first days in the room are a little brighter, no matter what the Continue Reading

  • Rarity of Colors in Sea Glass Jewelry

    Until recently, it was believed that jewelry found on the site of Enkapune Ya Muto in Kenya was the oldest jewelry discovered. The beads on this piece of jewelry date back almost 40,000 years and are made of polished ostrich egg shells. However, the oldest known jewelry ever discovered were 10,000-year-old beads crafted from Nassarius shells.

    Sea glass has gained popularity, partly due to rarity and origin. Sea glass has existed since glass-making was first introduced, before 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, and can be found all over the world. In 2007, the North American Sea Glass Association became a formal organization and there are around 90 members today.

    Sea Glass Colors and Rarity

    There is a simple explanation for why certain sea glass colors are more valued than others. Sea glass rarity and value are tied to supply and demand. The rarer the glass color, the less of it that exists. The more plentiful the supply, the Continue Reading

  • Yes, You Do Need Polarized Sunglasses

    Serious sports require serious equipment. As you go from being a weekend sportsman to a hardcore enthusiast or professional, you’ll need to invest in quality equipment that will work as hard as you do. In addition to the actual tools of the trade, you’ll need to make sure you equip yourself with quality durable polarized sunglasses. Yes, polarized lenses. If you’re doing outdoor sports on a regular basis, you’ll need high quality lenses to take care of your eyes, and simple UV-protection won’t cut it. Here three reasons that it’s time you add a pair of polarized sunglasses to your gym bag this summer.

    Polarized lenses reduce glare.

    Durable polarized sunglasses have become synonymous with athletes because they are able to reduce glare. To test this out, try holding a reflective surface (such as a picture frame) at an angle under a fluorescent light. With polarized lenses, you’ll be able to clearly see the image in the frame, regardless of the glare. Continue Reading

  • Why Americans Are Obsessed With Celebrity and Hollywood Gossip

    Whether you’re reading about your favorite celebrity’s latest crush, looking for paparazzi photos or looking for the scoop on a private party, people love reading celebrity and Hollywood gossip. In fact, the combined revenue for the celebrity and Hollywood gossip industry tops more than $3 billion per year.

    There’s no denying that celebrities and all that they do can influence the lives of many people. A 2011 Harvard Business School Study found that a big-name endorser increases a company’s sale by $10 million annually and leads to a .25 percent increase in stock returns. Additionally, celebrity-induced support for causes tends to be higher among 18-36 year-olds (about 27 percent) than older Americans. Only 10 percent of those aged 68 or older claim to support a cause because of a celebrity.

    Black entertainment news has proven popular as well. On television alone, Continue Reading

  • What is Supreme Clothing and Why Is It So Popular?

    First impressions happen in the blink of an eye. In fact, strangers may decide your trustworthiness in as little as one-tenth of a second.

    First impressions and their importance can be applied to clothing too. If a certain style or brand catches a consumer’s eye, chances of them buying that clothing.

    Every year, the average U.S. customer spends about $1,800 on e-commerce transactions and when it comes to shopping online, they’re heavily influenced by price, shipping cost and speed.

    So when it comes to clothing, why is Supreme clothing so popular? What makes someone pay hundreds of dollars for a jacket and what is it about Supreme that connects with customers?

    James Jebbia launched the brand in 1994 and since then the skateboarding shop and clothing brand has earned worldwide reknown. Vogue declared in 2017 that Supreme had reached ‘legendary global status.’

    As of last year, Supreme was worth a Continue Reading

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Charity Pick Up

    Every year, nearly 96% of Americans participate in a charitable act in some way, shape or form. One of the most popular ways to give is through charitable clothing donations, or through other items you may have at home that could be put to good use with someone else who needs it. Many charities will even pick up donations from your home. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding charity pick up that you may have.

    How Can I Find Charities That Pick Up Donations?

    The easiest way to find charity pick up services is online. You can find directories and lists compiling information on charities that will pick up donations. Use these resources, or contact any local charitable organiza Continue Reading

  • Where to Buy Sterling Silver

    A supernova is when a star undergoes a catastrophic transformation, exploding from its core outward, ejecting its mass and matter throughout the surrounding universe. Silver and gold are produced when a star supernovas at the end of its lifetime.

    There is an extreme worth to items made with silver and gold, especially sterling silver, as its durability and radiant beauty is able to catch any person’s glance. An extremely shiny material, it is said that polished sterling silver reflects 95% of the visible light spectrum, making it noticeable even under the lowest of light conditions. Furthermore, silver is known for its worth, with “silver” and “money” having equivalent connotations across 14 different languages.

    Among prized household possessions and jewelry, alloys of silver and gold are used the most often. To call one of these possessions your own is an amazing thing. These items can be put on display for others to see and appreciate, seeing the beauty that your objects Continue Reading

  • Four Pieces of Advice For Choosing a Tattoo

    Body art is one of the finest ways to express your personal style, values, feelings, and personality. The artistic designs offered in the best tattoos and body piercing designs are an amazing way of showing what you think and how you feel. With 21,000 tattoo parlors across America, who do you choose one with good artistic designs? And knowing that more than one in 10 people with tattoos have removed one, and another 5% have covered up one tattoo with a different one, how can you make a choice that won’t give you tattoo regret?

    Don’t Be Afraid of Change

    Some people look at their choices of artistic designs and think they’re stuck with exact lines and colors. In reality, a good tattoo parlor will be able to change the design to your specificatio Continue Reading

  • The Benefits Of Using a Mens Custom Tailor

    Do you have an upcoming interview that you need to get a good suit for? If so, then you need to check where to get a well-tailored suit from. Finding the right tailored suit is what separates the boys from men in business interviews for a job. So find a great mens custom tailor near you!

    Half of the senior managers interviewed in the survey said their workers wear less formal clothing than they did five years ago. Psychology studies reveal that first impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting someone; 55% of a person’s opinion is determined by physical appearance. This short period of time can potentially get you a job or lose you a job. So find a great mens tailoring service that will get you the best-tailored clothing!

    A Mens Custom Tailor Can Get You The Right Fit

    One of the greatest benefits that come al Continue Reading

  • The Power Of The T Shirt Why Shirts Remain One Of The Best Marketing Resources For Businesses

    You have an event or fundraising project coming up soon and you need people to know about it. Where do you start?

    Creating t shirts for businesses isn’t a bad choice. In fact, it might be the best advertising idea you’ve had! From custom business apparel to get new customers talking to apparel designs for your class fundraiser, a t shirt boasts a thousand words. Today’s marketing tactics come in many shapes and sizes, but the one that’s remained constant for years is the power of a nice shirt. It can be worn repeatedly, passed from person-to-person…it’s just a smart gesture that leaves a big impact. If you’ve considered diving into the art of the t shirt, learning the basics now will pay off immensely in the future.

    Here are five things you should know about custom shirts and how they can help you get the word out!

    T Shirts Are One Of The Most Popular Clothing Items Ever

    How many t shirts do you have filling up your closet? Continue Reading

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